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Volunteering by schools

Introducing children to volunteering, like education, can be life changing. With services across NSW, Wesley Mission can tailor opportunities to engage your students and illustrate their role in community.

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Why volunteering?

Introduce a successful volunteering program to your school and:

  • increase student engagement
  • play a practical role supporting and maintaining strong community connection
  • teach students about social justice and community issues.

Educational impact

By teaching students about homelessness and mental health, you can help them to grow personally, break down stereotypes or misunderstandings about vulnerable people and build a deeper understanding and connection to social and community issues

Current opportunities

We can cater activities to suit the size, location and needs of your school and link them to your curriculum or community program.

To get the ball rolling, you may want to consider the activities below.

Need more information?

Speak to us about our volunteering opportunities or discuss how we can build a program for your school or class that’s right for you. Call 1800 021 821 or email

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