Wesley Community Visitors Scheme

The Wesley Community Visitors Scheme is part of a Government initiative to enhance the wellbeing of older people living in residential aged care facilities, or who are living in their own home.

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What does it involve?

Volunteer community visitors set aside some time to visit a care recipient in an aged care facility or in their own home. Depending on the volunteer and the person they befriend, this time may be spent simply keeping each other company and talking or engaging in any one of a number of activities.

The Wesley Community Visitors Scheme aims to:

  • improve the quality of life of care recipients who are in aged care facilities or living in their own home with assistance through a Home Care Package
  • extend social contacts
  • minimise isolation from the broader community
  • instil older people with a sense of worth and value
  • provide volunteers with an older friend who can enrich their life
  • give volunteers an opportunity to make their communities a better place to live for people of all ages.

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