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Carer support programs

Wesley Mission is committed to providing services for carers that best suit their needs. Everyone’s different, we get that. That’s why we take the time to talk with you to better understand your needs so we provide services that best fit you. 

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Carer support programs

Young carers program

This program supports young carers up to 18 years old by providing direct and indirect respite services, educational assistance such as tutoring and information services and peer support for the young carers to help them balance their care responsibilities with social participation. The program also supports young carers completion of secondary education or the vocational equivalent to reduce their risk of prematurely leaving secondary education. For young carers in respite, this program funds and facilitates social activities during school holiday terms from personal care, domestic tasks and other care tasks either in the home or the community.

Self-referrals can be made by young people or they may be referred by family members, friends, school support staff or GPs. Transport can be provided to social or support activities. Tuition for young carers who are having difficulty with their schooling may also be available.

Mental health program

The mental health program is for carers of people with an intellectual disability, autism or those experiencing mental health issues. The service is based on eligibility and is designed to increase carers’ access to direct and indirect respite services.

Respite enables carers to maintain ongoing care responsibilities and take a short break from their caring role, supporting them with the time and space to focus on other commitments or personal needs. Respite can be provided for carers through short-term in-home respite or community based respite services.

Indirect respite services may also be available for carers of people with mental health issues. These include services such as carer education and training, support groups, and social or recreational activities that give carers a break from their caring role. Respite services that provide carers with coping and networking strategies to further assist them in their caring roles are also available.

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