Finding hope and opportunity through Wesley Disability Employment Services

Across the Manning region, Wesley Disability Employment Services support job seekers living with a disability, an injury or health condition to find and keep the right job that’s suitable for their needs, passions, skills and employment goals.

James aspires to get into the workforce for the first time, and thanks to the team at Wesley Disability Employment Services, he is now confident to start applying for jobs:

“I’ve only been with Wesley Disability Employment Services for a short time, but I have found the team to be understanding of my medical condition and supportive of my goals.”

After having to leave her previous role due to a medical condition, our team guided Talia in her job search:

“My consultant, through discussions, has helped me to investigate other employment options that differ from roles that I’ve held in the past. Sometimes, it has felt like I have had to struggle along by myself, but while I’m with Wesley Mission, I know they will do their best for me.”

We also help people like Samantha to overcome career obstacles and help them stay on track with their work and finances. She says:

“The team has helped me remain employed and in charge of my own life. My consultant has organised assistance with my finances and has been a kind, supportive listener when I’ve needed it.”

Daisy says Wesley Disability Employment Services has given her new hope for the future:

“My consultant has helped me realise that I have much to give and has opened my eyes to broader possibilities in the community.”

Wesley Disability Employment Services continues to support job seekers work towards their goals and provide meaningful services to people of all abilities.

To find out more, contact the Wesley Disability Employment Services team on 1800 631 132 or email

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