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Supported employment

We provide meaningful employment and training opportunities in a range of commercial and business services for people with disabilities. Employees are given flexible employment opportunities and provided with disability employment support to ensure that each person can reach their individual goals.

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How disability employment support works

Employees receive training in a variety of work activities to develop their fullest potential. This is accomplished through a Personal Development Plan, which helps each employee select appropriate work activities and reach set goals.

Wesley Supported Employment for people with disabilities offers :

  • flexible employment in a diverse range of business activities
  • a productive and supportive work environment
  • wages based on competency assessed independently by CRS Australia
  • an annual picnic day and Christmas lunch
  • opportunities to interact socially
  • personal development, education and training
  • personal development plans.

We aim to:

  • give people with disabilities the satisfaction, independence and sense of purpose that comes with being employed
  • ensure that people with a disability are valued, accepted and enabled to grow as members of the community
  • empower people to reach their full potential through meaningful support and employment
  • create a more inclusive society where all individuals who have barriers to employment are able to enjoy the full benefits of employment.

Our vision is a society where all individuals have the opportunity to enjoy the full benefit of a job that suits them and makes a use of their abilities. Through our range of commercial business services, we employ people with disabilities in meaningful positions. 

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