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Wesley Seniors courses: now online!

We’re glad to announce that many of the extremely popular Wesley School for Seniors programs are now available online, giving older students the opportunity to engage in community and learn new skills from their own home.

As Program Co-ordinator Jeannie Mathews explains, COVID-19 has affected older citizens more sharply than others. Many people are still permanently confined to their own home, and they’re missing friends and family, as well as the chance to learn at Wesley School for Seniors.

“As the threat of coronavirus still lingers around us and there is increased social disconnection, we see certain segments of society getting affected more than the others. Seniors who are at home and unable to move around as much are one such segment facing increased isolation which in turn impacts their mental health.”

But with the announcement that many courses are available online – including beginner languages, music, history, and photography! – senior students can once again be a part of this enjoyable and important community. 

“Through the Wesley Seniors online program many of our popular Wesley School for Seniors courses can be accessed in the comfort of their home, using a computer, tablet or phone. Seniors get to learn new skills and connect with the others in the safety of their home,” said Jeannie.

To find out more about online Wesley Seniors online, click below!

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