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Healthcare and fitness

We understand that home care can be a daunting—that’s why we’re here to help.


Clinical care

If you’re recovering from an illness or accident, or need help maintaining your physical ability, our clinical care services are here to help. Our broad suite of clinical care services include:

  • nursing (such as wound dressing changes, monitoring blood pressure)
  • pulmonary rehabilitation (help with breathing)
  • allied health and therapy services (such as speech therapy, podiatry, dietary, occupational or physiotherapy services)
  • referrals to health practitioners or other service providers.

We can also arrange special services to meet your needs at times of major life transitions, such as ensuring you have extra clinical care and support services after being discharged from hospital.

Devices and equipment

Through our devices and equipment services we provide a range of products that can help you maintain your independence and manage everyday tasks, such as crutches, quadruped walkers, walking frames, walking sticks and wheelchairs, mechanical devices for lifting, bed rails, slide sheets, sheepskins, tri-pillows, and pressure relieving mattresses. We also offer a range of specialised items to assist with mobility, communication, personal care and health care.


Find the assistance you need for a range of mental health concerns with psychological support for people experiencing depression, anxiety or stress. Whether you’re coping with life’s challenges or wanting to improve your overall emotional wellbeing, our psychologists provide supportive and researched-based therapy to support you.

Wesley Financial Counselling

To find out more or how we can help you call 1300 086 906, or click on the link below.

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