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Social and community

Would you like to share more cups of tea and conversations at home or get out and about more with friends?

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Man talking to ladyVolunteers set aside time to visit a care recipient in an aged care facility or in their own home. Depending on the volunteer and the person they befriend, this time may be spent simply keeping each other company or taking part in any one of a number of activities.

Wesley Aged Care Volunteer Visitors

Wesley Aged Care Volunteer Visitors is a free service that connects volunteers with older people to reduce social isolation, provide companionship and improve quality of life.

As part of this service, we match people with common interests who meet on a weekly or fortnightly basis. You’ll both benefit from an increased sense of belonging and strengthened wellbeing through quality, flexible and dynamic companionship that:

  • provides volunteers with an older companion who can enrich their lives
  • builds connected communities that meet the needs of people of all ages
  • gives older people a sense of worth and value
  • minimises isolation of older people in their communities
  • extends social contacts of older people.

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When do you feel most social? Our social support services can be arranged for a time that suits you, Monday to Fridays until late. Call 1300 086 906 to book a one off service or speak to us about how we can offer ongoing support for all your home care needs. Government assistance for home care services may also be available.

Lifelong learning

Wesley School for Seniors believes we never stop learning and offers around 100 courses led by volunteer tutors at our facilities in Sydney’s CBD. Many courses offer different levels of learning from beginner through to advanced so whether you would like to try your hand at something new, develop an existing skill, or share your expertise with others, there is an option for you. Students are assessed and awarded certificates for successful completion of a course, enabling you to advance to a higher level if you desire.

Pastoral care

Our pastoral care team is available to support you through the good times and the bad times. Whether you’re experiencing a time of crisis or celebrating success, our team listen, support, encourage, befriend and connect. The support provided may include visiting you, offering spiritual guidance, offering communion, prayer, devotions, arranging counselling and advocacy.

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