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School and jobs

Some of us enjoy school, some of us find it tougher. Everyone worries about things that happen at school from time to time. It’s a rare student who sails through school without experiencing some sort of issue.

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If you’re having trouble staying connected with your school, Wesley Mission offers a number of services that can help you. We also want to help you find and keep a job if this is what you’d like.

Our youth centres offer short term programs where you can get access to good advice and other forms of support. 

Centre locations

Gosford Centre

Contact us for our address

Location: Gosford NSW 2250

Phone: (02) 4305 3354


Wesley Youth Mentoring

Maybe you’d like to be able to talk to someone older and wiser, who isn’t connected with your school. Our mentoring service can put you in touch with an adult that you’ll see on a regular basis and can help you out by offering advice, or simply lending a listening ear. The program is offered across Western Sydney, for anyone between 12 and 20.

Wesley Youth Outreach Central Coast 

Designed primarily for young people aged 12–18 with alcohol or other drug problems, we want to help prevent them leaving school or reconnecting them when they have.

Our case workers can help with:

  • income support
  • physical and mental health
  • homelessness
  • drug and alcohol abuse
  • justice
  • education and employment
  • relationships.

We recognise that young adults from 19–21 years of age may experience difficulties accessing similar services, so we’re flexible and can provide services to people in this age range as well.

Click here for locations.

Additional resource
School A to Z also provides helpful information for schooling and education

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