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Getting started

Now that you’ve decided to do all the good you can (great!), think about how much money you would like to raise (and remember to set a realistic goal). Then decide how you would like to fundraise.

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Four ways to fundraise for us

There are four main ways you can fundraise for Wesley Mission:

1. Join our Community Fundraising events

Check out our upcoming events and join in the fun whilst raising funds for those most in need.

2. Do something (anything!). 

Choose an activity that matches up with your skills, interests and talents. For example if you like wearing lycra you can cycle in the outback or compete in triathlon or if you have skills in say, following a recipe, you can have a bake sale.

You could also celebrating the life of a loved one by creating a giving in loving memory page or celebrate with us by doing all the good you can.

Need more information? Check out our fundraising toolkit or get started now with GrassRootz.

3. Visit GrassRootz

GrassRootz is an online tool that makes fundraising easy. And once you’ve decided how you’d like to raise money to help change lives, you can get started. Setting up a page is easy. Remember personalised pages get more support, so include your reasons for fundraising for Wesley Mission, photos and regular updates. Check out our GrassRootz page for more information.

4. Corporate Fundraising

For more information on opportunities to your organisation involved please see our Corporate Fundraising page.  

For more information on Fundraising for Wesley Mission please contact us on 1800 021 821 or email

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