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David entrusts us with his legacy

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Unbeknownst to Wesley Mission, David chose to entrust his legacy to our care. It wasn’t until after David passed away that Wesley Mission learned he’d left his whole estate in his Will. Not only a substantial gift but one of personal significance, as David lived in this apartment since it was built in the 1960s.

Passionate about Lifeline Sydney & Sutherland, in his Will, David dedicated his estate to supporting Wesley Mission’s 24/7 crisis centre, to help people in their darkest moments and give them hope.

David’s legacy lives on through the people who knew him. Described by his neighbours as friendly and loveable, David spent his whole life living in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs where he enjoyed chatting to everyone. 

David also had a sense of adventure and over his years travelled to Thailand, Hong Kong and Hawaii, and spent many years working in customs at Sydney Airport.

But perhaps some of David’s most significant journeys were the ones he made into Sydney CBD to visit St Andrews Cathedral and Wesley Mission to listen to organ recitals. David also attended Wesley Mission’s Christmas Day Lunches, where he came to know former Wesley Mission CEO and Superintendent, Rev Keith Garner and his wife, Carol.

We’re thankful for David, who believed in the mission and values of Wesley Mission. He put his trust in us by gifting us his estate and has left a memorable and lasting legacy.

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