Pokies money laundering investigation puts safety of NSW Communities first

Friday 17 December 2021

Leading community services provider Wesley Mission considers the NSW Crime Commission inquiry to uncover the extent of the funds being washed through pokies an important step to prioritise community safety and wellbeing.

“We cannot turn a blind eye to organised crime, nor to the gambling industry that tolerates harm to the NSW communities that it claims to support,” says Wesley Mission CEO Rev Stu Cameron.

“Wesley Mission stands with the lone voices calling for this investigation, who refuse to be silenced by the powerful political influence of the gaming lobby.

“Evidence from Police shows that this is happening in our neighbourhoods. Inadequate laws holding pubs and clubs to account also mean that many of the current measures aimed at preventing gambling harm, such as self-exclusion from gaming areas, are ineffective because venues do not take responsibility for the wellbeing of their customers.

“Minister Victor Dominello must be supported to remain in his portfolio, to continue his reform agenda. Suppose measures like cashless gambling could be implemented with the same success that the Minister’s COVID Safe Check-in system has had. In that case, digital transformation will continue to have a real impact on the wellbeing of people across NSW as well as prevent money laundering.

“We share the Premier’s vision for a liveable, workable and beautiful post-pandemic Sydney and ask for the Minister to be allowed to get on with the job.”

Rev Stu Cameron is available for interview:
Anne Holt | Wesley Mission | 0418 628 342 | anne.holt@wesleymission.org.au

Wesley Mission provides real, practical care and support for more than 116,000 people each year across NSW. They reach all faces of Australia – from children, families and older people to those struggling with homelessness, addiction, mental health, financial or family challenges.

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