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Wesley Mission reminds impacted communities of available help

During large-scale crises like bushfires, the COVID-19 pandemic and now floods, community resources are stretched, but people rally to respond. Following this, there can be a period where we feel connected to our neighbours, and help is readily available as we anticipate a return to normal.

But what happens after this time? People may still need help, but resources and goodwill may dwindle. We can start to feel exhausted, disillusioned and our much-needed help can be tied up in red tape or delays.

“If people get to pause and take stock this Easter, they may find themselves depleted both mentally and physically. And this realisation will arrive just as many assistance programs expire”, says Wesley Mission CEO Rev Stu Cameron.

“International research shows that the second year after a disaster is when rates of suicide increase most dramatically.[1] The team at Wesley Mission recognise that this is a critical time for us to be reminding the community that we are here and that we can help.”

Launching on Monday 29 March, the day after JobKeeper ends, the campaign message is straightforward, ‘We are here for you’.

General Manager Jim Wackett says, “This campaign started with the idea that unites all of us, that humans are better together. We do better, physically, mentally and spiritually, when we are connected in community. Connection is the antidote to social isolation and loneliness that nearly a quarter of Australians reported feeling even before the pandemic.”[2]

The sense of weariness that people may be feeling also drove the creative approach.

“Many people report feeling overwhelmed just keeping up with the latest news and health advice. We wanted our message to arrive like a thoughtful message from a good friend, letting people know we’re here if they need it”, says creative lead Kirrilee Trist.

The campaign was also designed to show some of the many community services that Wesley Mission offers.

“We’re well known for supporting people experiencing homelessness, but our own research told us that people don’t know about all the ways we can help”, says Stu.

The TV commercial features glimpses from Wesley Mission’s aged care, family services, homeless services, foster care, out of school hours care and suicide prevention community networks.

Radio ads will deliver an empathetic message to people in need of home care or disability support, clinical care for mental illness, or interest in pursuing vocational training.

‘We are here for you’ will run until Tuesday 3 July in NSW across free to air, catchup TV, cinema, radio, print and digital, making use of community service announcements wherever available.

Localised versions of the campaign will also appear in Grafton, Coffs Harbour, Taree and the Hunter.

Client: Wesley Mission
General Manager: Jim Wackett
Copywriter/Director: Kirrilee Trist
Art Director: Sally Ryan
Project Manager: Angeline Nicholas
Project Coordination: Andrew Simms, Olga Korobko
Brand Narrative Consultant: Matt Busby Andrews, Sujet
Production Company: Final Post
Producer/DOP/Editor: Shane Burrell
1st AD: Holly Clayton
H&MU/Wardrobe: Hannah Issa, Kimberley Halliday
Photographer: Agnes Burrell
Digital: Dion Bairle
Media Agency: ROI Network

For more information contact:

Anne Holt – Senior Public Affairs Officer, 0418 628 342

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