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Journeying together through Lent

18 March 2019 Rev Keith Garner's Blog

MFV1819 Keiths Blog 18 Mar 19 Website Event Page 810x540Lent is a season of reflection that helps us reconnect with all that it means to walk the journey of life with Jesus Christ.

The testing that Jesus faced at the outset of his ministry posed enormous questions. We know that God’s Spirit rested upon him, but that did not mean that he was removed from facing the struggles that all humanity faces. Indeed, he chose to be so totally identified with us that he shared the fullness of our experience.

In Lent, we may focus our attention upon the temptations of Jesus, and yet we are also called to see the possibilities that lie before us if we can lift our eyes to the opportunities all around us and give ourselves fully to God and to the needs of others.

I’ve been taking the opportunity in this Lenten season to encourage people to lift their eyes to what is at the heart of all that Wesley Mission does in Word and deed.

We are a large, complex and diverse organisation, but when you look closely, you see that in everything we do, we ultimately seek to demonstrate God’s love to every person no matter what their circumstances are. We honour each individual and let them know through our actions and our words, that every life matters.

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of seeing the opening of our latest Wesley Mission venture: our very first community hub in Taree. The hub offers a new approach to care by bringing together services and programs under one roof to provide for the unique needs of each individual and improve the overall experience of those we serve.

Mental health issues can take a serious toll in regional and remote areas, and particularly in the past few months of drought, I have heard many distressing stories of farmers suffering deeply. 

Our vision is for the hub to be safe, warm and welcoming; a place that affirms the value of every person in the community. It is therefore my prayer that the Wesley Mission community hub will not only provide practical support for those in need, but will also help bring the wider community closer together as staff members connect individuals with the services they need, and with each other.

May you likewise be encouraged as you lift your eyes to all God has put before you in this Lenten season, and consider new ways to show his love to the people he has placed in your life and care.