10 reasons why you should volunteer

Offering your time and participating in volunteer programs and events can be a highly rewarding experience for everyone involved. Choosing to volunteer in the first place can be for a variety of reasons, for some it offers the chance to give something back to the community, for others it provides an opportunity to develop new skills.

Below are 10 reasons that may make you want to spend some of your spare time making a difference to people that need it most:

1) Giving back adds purpose to your life

Volunteering isn’t only about making a difference in others’ lives; in fact it makes a difference to your own life too. Volunteering is a meaningful experience and the opportunity to give something back to the community, and to others, can feel good. It is knowing that you are making a positive change in the world that can be fulfilling.

2) A great use of your time

Spending your free time catching up on the latest series may not always seem like the most meaningful way to allocate the hours in the day. A wide range of volunteer opportunities that are flexible and can fit all levels of commitment around your day-to-day life are available. For whatever time you can spare, we are so grateful, and there will still be plenty of time to catch up with that series!

3) You can pursue tasks that you’re passionate about

We have opportunities to suit everyone, whether you’re looking to help out at the head office or are ready to take on a challenge with colleagues or school mates. Your reason for volunteering can begin where your passions lie, that way you will find yourself more committed as a result, the impact you will make will be that much bigger. 

4) Volunteering can boost your career prospects

Participating in volunteer programs and events is an excellent way to show employers your character. It shows your personality and also transferable skills such as innovation, creativeness, dedication and leadership.

5) It can change someone’s life

Your actions, big or small, will impact on someone’s life that needs it most. From offering support in the community, mentoring disadvantaged children or tutoring a choir, it can enrich and empower someone’s life. 

6) Make real connections

Volunteering provides you with the opportunity to meet new and interesting people, and establish meaningful relationships with someone with similar interests. Participating in programs can be a really sociable experience, and allow the foundations for great friendships.

7) Learn new skills

Volunteering with Wesley Mission can teach you so many different skills in a real-life setting. Leadership and problem solving are two strong skills, alongside communication team-work and time management, all which can be used in your personal life.

8) Build your confidence  

Getting involved in a volunteer program can see your confidence grow from interacting with new people and developing new skills. Using your time for a worthwhile cause and knowing you’re helping others builds your self-esteem and makes you feel great.

9) See the bigger picture

Volunteering and seeing other people’s lives, and ways you can make a difference, will make you step back and reflect on your own life and be thankful for what surrounds you. You will see that you are part of something bigger than yourself, and making people happy can improve your quality of life and see the world in a different light.

10) Volunteering has never been easier

Wesley Mission has a huge amount of community programs and a whole array of different experiences you can get involved in, and find something to suit you and your life. Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organisation and we recognise that without them the crucial work of building better lives for vulnerable people wouldn’t be possible. We fully support you during your volunteering journey, and are so grateful for anyone who can participate with our essential work.


To learn about our volunteer opportunities, and how you can get involved, contact Wesley Mission to discuss how you can make a difference today.

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