Could you help a child in need?

Emma’s career has taken her many places – from an office worker to working in cafes. But wherever Emma worked, she never found fulfilment. Deep down, Emma says she’s always known she had a different calling – to look after kids.

For the last 5 years Emma has cared for kids through Wesley Dalmar – Wesley Mission’s foster care service. 

While the decision to contact Wesley Mission wasn’t easy, it’s a decision Emma has never regretted. Taking that step to become a foster carer has not only changed the course of Emma’s life, but of the lives of many kids she’s cared for.

Now, Emma’s encouraging people like you, to take the same step.

“We can show the foster kids what they’re worth, show them who they can be,” Emma said.

To find out more about becoming a foster carer, call 1300 325 627 or visit

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