Dedicated volunteer’s gardening haven supports Newcastle community

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Volunteering for Wesley Mission is a rewarding experience and we have opportunities to suit everyone.

Trevor takes pride in his garden. He’ll invite you to smell the roses. And to soak in the fresh air and admire his garden’s beauty, all while enjoying a coffee.

For the last four years, retired gardener Trevor has voluntarily tended to Wesley Mission Newcastle’s Oasis Garden. And it’s work he’s continually passionate about.

“I volunteer because it gives me something to do to still participate in the community,” says Trevor. “It’s a great thing to do volunteering and you should just do it.

“And it’s good for your soul and a great thing to do instead of sitting around at home doing nothing. Become a volunteer. Get more out of life.”

It’s a tranquil space. Surrounded by a blooming sanctuary, there’s a stillness in the air. And it’s therapeutic – a place where you can find peace amidst life’s challenges.

For those who visit Trevor’s botanical haven, they’re often seeking support from Wesley Mission Newcastle’s community services – whether education, training, employment, counselling, mental health support, foster care, homelessness services and much more.

Trevor is honoured his garden is a place where people most in need can find rest amongst adversity and life’s chaos.

“It’s a nice relaxing place to come for our clients,” Trevor says.“That’s our number one priority. To make our clients feel safe you know and of course, you give them the help they need and that’s part of my job.”

Throughout the coronavirus season (COVID-19), Trevor has continued to tend to the Oasis Garden to provide Wesley Mission staff a tranquil space to rejuvenate, as they continue to support people most in need.

Volunteers like Trevor are critical to the work of Wesley Mission’s community services, helping to provide more services to people most in need. Find out how you can get involved today.

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