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Excerpts from the experts: Professor Hay on eating disorders

5 June 2019 Wesley Mission news

In this series, Excerpts from the Experts, we share insights from the experts who make it possible for Wesley Mission to continue supporting those most in need in our communities.

Our leading clinicians and researchers, compassionate front line staff and experts in management and operations share their knowledge, expertise and advice across the breadth of community issues that Wesley Mission works to address.

The second episode in the series we speak with, Professor Hay, an internationally recognised leader in eating disorder research and clinical care, and the Director of Wesley Hospital Ashfield’s Eating Disorders Centre.

Professor Hay sheds light on the definition, causes and treatment of eating disorders.

What is an eating disorder?
An eating disorder is a mental illness. Affected people are preoccupied with food, eating and, usually, concerns about weight and body image. Professor Hay explains some of the behaviours associated with eating disorders, including binge eating and purging.

Who is affected by eating disorders?
Eating disorders cross all age groups. In this video, Professor Hay explains some of the current trends and increases in disorders across different genders and ages.

What causes eating disorders?
Exact causes are unknown, but in this clip, Professor Hay explains that some people can be particularly vulnerable to having an eating disorder.

Are eating disorders a big concern in Australia?
One in 20 Australians will suffer from an eating disorder at any point in time. Professor Hay explains why this is a significant concern and outlines some of the risk factors associated with eating disorders.

What should you do if someone you know might have an eating disorder?
Find out how you can support someone who might have an eating disorder. Professor Hay also shares some useful resources for accessing information on, and support for, eating disorders.

More resources on eating disorders

  • Wesley Hospital provides an overview on eating disorders and an online enquiry form for people who would like to find out more about admission to our treatment programs
  • Professor Hay also recommends The National Eating Disorders Collaboration website as an excellent source of information on eating disorders.