International Women’s Day 2019

For well over a century, International Women’s Day has been a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

Commencing in 1911, the day has been focused on unity, celebration, reflection, advocacy and action for women all over the world.

This year’s International Women’s Day is themed Balance for Better, a call-to-action for driving gender balance across the world. 

In support of International Women’s Day, Wesley Mission celebrates the inspirational women who do all the good they can across our services. Here some of our inspirational women reflect on their own lives, emotions and experiences that have shaped them:

From left to right: Dilys Wong, Rae Arthur, Joy Crabbe, Sharny Russell, Sarah, Fayeith.

Dilys Wong

The energetic ballet fitness tutor, Dilys Wong, teaches an entire class of women whom are full of life and spirit. As a tutor she encourages them to have fun, be fit and have a ‘I can do it’ attitude.

“I want to help ladies get better health” Dilys states, giving her support to her Wesley School for Seniors students.

Rae Arthur

“I feel that our strength lays in our ability to come together to raise money.”

Rae is a former registered nurse and now a dedicated volunteer, who has given her retirement years to volunteer.

“The minute you walk in the room it feels like a good place with good people”.

For Rae, volunteering has become her life, and helping others in many ways also helps her.

Joy Crabbe

“A challenge that keeps you going” Joy describes.

Joy is a part time tutor and a part time student at Wesley School for Seniors and continues to live an exciting life through exercise and fitness. This strong 80-year-old women has been part of this wonderful program for 25 years.

Sharny Russell

Touching many hearts through her gift of music and her faith, we acknowledge Sharny this International Women’s Day. A mentor, a performer, and an inspiration.


Disappointment is not a pleasant feeling, a feeling that can negatively impact an individual’s mental state. Sarah had come across this obstacle in her life which led her through a difficult path, however, with willpower and determination, Sarah bounced back for the love she has towards her family and children.


“Don’t stress too much. Take it day by day. Be yourself. And if you need help, speak up. Don’t bottle it up.”

These words came from Fayeith, a strong young woman with a heart filled of hope. Her determination, resilience and positive attitude made her the individual she is today.

To find out how you can get involved in International Women’s Day 2019, visit here. Use the hashtag #BalanceForBetter on social media to see how others are celebrating women all over the world.

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