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Ross Greenwood podcast shines light on Wesley Financial Counselling

“You’ve got to walk alongside people,” said Wesley Mission CEO, the Rev Keith V Garner AM in a recent interview with acclaimed finance journalist and radio presenter, Ross Greenwood.

In Mr Greenwood’s new podcast, Rebuilding Australia, focusing on practical support for bushfire recovery, he interviewed Mr Garner in the series’ third episode, ‘Help for non-insured homeowners’.

Mr Garner highlighted the current struggles faced by people who’ve lost their homes or businesses during the 2019-2020 Australian bushfires. He explained how those affected by the bushfires can find support through financial counsellors. Wesley Mission has 21 financial counsellors, spanning from Port Macquarie to Wollongong, who can help people start their journey towards recovery.

Ross Greenwood interviews Wesley Mission’s CEO, the Rev Keith V Garner AM about how Wesley Financial Counselling is supporting people affected by the 2019-2020 bushfires.

“Simply having someone to turn to who has the basic information,” Mr Garner said. “Those people who haven’t got any kind of insurance, financial counsellors are the place to turn to.”

He also shared the role financial counsellors will play in practically helping people get back on their feet.

“It will never be the same. But it can get better,” Mr Garner said. “The advantage of a financial counsellor is, they’re trained. They understand, as you’ve said quite rightly, they know where to go and who to go to.”

Mr Garner spoke about the different financial grants and recovery payments available to people and businesses impacted by the bushfires who don’t have insurance and the steps they can take to access this financial support.

“Disaster welfare of all kinds is available. You’re quite right to say it’s not going to change the situation… but it does make a difference if you can access some of those resources,” he said.

To speak with a Wesley Financial Counsellor, call 1300 827 638.

Alternatively, call the National Debt Helpline on 1800 007 007 to access a financial counsellor.

Ross Greenwood’s new podcast Rebuilding Australia focuses on practical support for those impacted by the recent bushfires.

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