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Support for young people coping with a bushfire crisis

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Your donation will help us do more in local communities by providing crisis and long-term support to individuals and families affected by the bushfires.

Have you been personally affected by the recent bushfires? Or are you worried about how the bushfires are impacting those around you?

You’re probably feeling a range of emotions. Whether you’re shocked, scared, stressed or even angry, you’re not alone. And while the bushfires are out of control, here are some tips for helping you manage your stress levels during the bushfire crisis.

Share your feelings with someone you can trust

Don’t bottle up your feelings. Talk about how you’re feeling with a trusted family member or friend. They can support you with your trauma and put things in perspective.

Connect with your loved ones

Don’t stay isolated. Organise a family dinner or a catch up with a friend. Being around other people will help you remain calm in a crisis. Even if you don’t talk about the bushfires, simply spending time with people will help you relax.

Make time just for yourself

From checking bushfire warning alerts and making evacuation plans, it’s important you take time to care of yourself.

Spend time doing the things you love–whether that’s listening to music or watching your favourite TV show to take your mind off the bushfire crisis.

Stick to your routine

Routine can give you a sense of stability. Where possible, keep your normal routine–whether that’s going to school or work. If that’s not an option, create a new routine for sleeping, eating and activities you enjoy.

For further advice and tools to help you cope during the bushfire crisis, we recommend these following online resources:

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