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Volunteers honoured at Wesley Mission’s 1950’s themed celebration

Over 160 volunteers were joined by Elvis Presley on 19 November, enjoying the 1950’s atmosphere at our Volunteer Appreciation Function and Celebration Service.

Wesley Mission’s CEO, the Rev Keith Garner, hosted the event in recognition of our wonderful volunteer’s ongoing commitment and service.

All attendees were warmly invited to a delicious lunch, and had the opportunity to attend our special Volunteer Celebration Service, where our ‘Making a Difference’ Volunteer of the Year awards was presented.

This year’s awards ceremony honoured the commitment of Wesley Mission’s 3,197 volunteers and 4,362 people who, through corporate volunteering experiences, have contributed their time to provide support to clients in need, or to raise awareness of the lifesaving work of Wesley Mission.

The celebration was hosted by Michelle Parrish, Wesley Aunties & Uncles & Wesley Youth Mentoring Program Manager, who did a spectacular job in making the day enjoyable for all.

The overall award for Volunteer of the Year was given to Helga Lyon, who has been a volunteer mentor with the Wesley Aunties and Uncles program since 2013. The program requires volunteers to be a friend to a child living in disadvantaged circumstances.

Through mentoring, Helga has helped a single mother recovering from breast cancer treatment by taking the child on outings, allowing the mother to rest and recover. Helga has become a real ‘auntie’ to the child and mother. As well as supporting the family through homelessness, Helga has introduced her linked family to her husband, grown up children and their children, giving them an extended family they had never experienced before.

2018 Category winners:

Youth: Joshua Gavellas

Corporate Volunteer Individual: Fiona Mulhall (AMP Bank)

Corporate Volunteer Team: Endeavor

Volunteer Team: Lifeline In Shift Supervisors

Senior: John Swift

A special thank you to all our volunteers who have offered their time and energy to support our work – volunteers are the lifeblood of our organisation, and if it wasn’t for them, many of our services simply wouldn’t exist.

To learn about our volunteer opportunities, and how you can get involved, contact Wesley Mission to discuss how you can make a difference today.

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