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Wesley Vickery Sylvania join the bear hunt

If you’re passing by Wesley Vickery Sylvania, instead of following the yellow brick road, follow the sign, ‘This way to the bear hunt’.

“One of the residents painted a sign and put it out on the footpath. He was hoping that would encourage people to come up to the window,” Lesley said, Wesley Vickery Sylvania Recreation Activities Supervisor.

Wesley Vickery Sylvania has joined their neighbourhood’s bear hunt, where local Aussies are putting bears in their front windows for children to enjoy while out on a family walk or drive. Our residents have joined the fun and placed their teddy bears at their corner street window for their grandchildren and local families to enjoy.

“We’ve dressed them all up to make them look cosy with their outfits, scarfs and masks,” Lesley explained.

Many locals have stopped by ‘beary’ place and for the residents, it’s brought a little bit more joy into their lives while their loved ones cannot visit.

“When our residents see them, it’s lovely interaction with the people who pop up. It’s a connection with the community because that’s what people are really missing,” Lesley said.

Keeping connected is a priority for Wesley Vickery Sylvania residents and they’re continually developing creative ways they can reach out to the community. While children from a local kindergarten are currently unable to visit, residents have written short letters and drawn pictures for the children.

Our residents have also written letters to interstate aged care centres and are planning to write letters to residents in aged care centres in the United Kingdom.

“The residents feel safe and they’re very grateful for the care they’ve gotten here but are very aware that this has impacted the whole world,” Lesley said.

And while they’re giving out, the community is also giving back. They’re thankful to Hillsong Church who recently dropped off hampers for every resident.

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