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World Day of Prayer 2020–Join us in prayer for Zimbabwe

Here at Wesley Mission, we believe united prayer can have immeasurable influence. How?

Underlying everything we do at Wesley Mission is our Christian faith which inspires us to practically support those most in need. Through faith and shared action, together our prayers can bring change to vulnerable people.

On World Day of Prayer 2020, Wesley Mission will join in united prayer for the nation of Zimbabwe by hosting a special prayer service.

Sadly, an estimated 900,000 Zimbabweans are living with disability, many who are children. Due to social stigmas, children with disability and their mothers are often abandoned by society and left to survive on their own.

This year’s World Day of Prayer theme, “Rise! Take Your Mat and Walk”, is about empowering women to act.

Based off the Bible passage John 5:2-9, Jesus Christ heals a man who was unable to walk because his faith empowered him to act.

Jesus said to the man, “Rise! Take up your mat and walk.” So he did. And instantly the man was healed because of his faith.

When faced with this life-changing question, we’re praying Zimbabwe women will be empowered in the same way to have faith and act to change their circumstances.

To inspire communities of faith to pray for women to be empowered, Zimbabwean artist Nonhlanhla Mathe has created a special artwork based off the theme, portraying Zimbabwe’s transition from a difficult past to a prosperous future.

So don’t pray in isolation. We believe when two or three to gather in name of Jesus (Matthew 18:20), our united prayer will make a difference.

Join us on Friday 6 March at 12 pm at the Wesley Church, 220 Pitt Street Sydney, to pray.

Zimbabwe artist, Nonhlanhla Mathe portrays Zimbabwe’s from a difficult past to a prosperous future in an artwork painted for World Day of Prayer 2020.

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