Chloe’s career confidence

“Jodi never gave up on me,” recalls Chloe, reflecting on her past hurts. “And I never gave up, even when I wanted to. Jodi just kept encouraging me in her own gentle way.”

It was 2016 when Chloe first connected with Wesley Mission. It was a dark period in her life. Her relationship had ended and she readily admits that she wasn’t motivated to repair her life. But that all changed when she met Jodi, Team Leader for Wesley ParentsNext.

Chloe vividly remembers those moments she spent crying with Jodi. It was Jodi’s kindness that nudged her in the right direction.

“She wasn’t pushy. She made me feel like all things were possible.”

Through Wesley ParentsNext, a program which helps parents build a support network to assist in achieving their life goals, Chloe has transformed her life.

Now an employment coach with Wesley Mission’s Opportunity Pathways team on NSW’s Central Coast, Chloe supports her clients with finding long-term employment opportunities.

Opportunity Pathways supports people, who receive social housing assistance, to make positive life changes and achieve their housing, development and employment goals. It offers flexible and person-centered support with access to learning, training and work opportunities to facilitate improved housing outcomes.

Having made her own transition back into the workforce, Chloe understands her clients’ situations only too well. Typically working with a client over a 12-month period, Chloe provides one-on-one coaching to help them return to the workforce.

“There is immense satisfaction seeing a client who is almost broken, overcoming enormous hurdles, building confidence and returning to the workforce,” says Chloe.

A client Chloe recently worked with was significantly impacted by domestic violence and had also lost care of her children. Through Wesley Vocational Institute she completed a Certificate III in Community Services and now runs her own business, caring for people with disabilities. Thanks to Chloe’s support, her client’s children are now back in her care.

So many of Chloe’s clients don’t see a future before receiving help from Wesley Mission. They’re unsure of how to achieve any employment goals or how they can move ahead in life. 

“[It’s important to] walk beside them, through their hard times. Support them in building up their confidence so that they have the tools they need to overcome barriers they face,” says Chloe. 

Passionate about her work, Chloe is focused on strengthening her clients’ futures.

“To be able to lift people up and give them the confidence and motivation that they need. There is nothing that can’t be overcome, and they are capable of taking on the world if they want,” she says.  

Her dedication to her work is ultimately strengthened by her own family. Chloe is a mother of two—a daughter, aged 14 and a son, aged six. Her number one goal now is to save for a house and continue her education to hopefully one day become a social worker or youth worker. 

Chloe’s daughter often tells her, “‘I’m so proud of you Mum’. She has been blown away how I can walk into a room and speak so confidently. I was never like that before, I would be the one sitting in the corner and not talking to anyone. She is super proud of [her] Mum. I’m setting that good example that
she needs.” 

Chloe says, “I love working at Wesley Mission and the support that I have received, from my managers and colleagues, has been life-changing. You can really lean on people when you need to.”

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