Faith, freedom and helping others

At just 17 years old, Christie Mokotupu reached the peak of elite sport, competing in beach volleyball at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. But in her early 20s, a split-second decision to try an ecstasy pill led her into years of addiction to alcohol and drugs. Then one day her sister invited her to church. Just when she’d felt that all was lost, she found Jesus and began to heal. Her choice to share the story of her journey was another tough experience, but it too became a pathway to recovery.

Christie’s new freedom, found through her faith, ignited a passion within her to help others, especially those experiencing homelessness and mental health issues. So she decided to join Wesley Mission’s generous monthly donors.

Regular donations are an easy and convenient way to support those in need, and an annual receipt helps with claiming any tax deductions.

“With so many charities to support I wanted to pick one with a one stop shop,” says Christie. “Wesley Mission does that from the cradle all the way to aged care. It’s got a huge credibility with 200 plus years of serving our nation, that’s why I am a monthly donor.”

“I love Wesley Mission and I encourage other people to become a monthly donor to support this great charity.”

Regular, monthly donations help care for the most vulnerable people in our community. By becoming a regular donor you can have a powerful impact on people in need and give them hope again. Sign up now for regular giving.

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