Welcome to the Wesley Mission podcasts page.

Our flagship radio program, Wesley Impact! radio, is available as a podcast show on iTunes and Spotify, as well as right here on our website. Click any of the links below to listen.

You can also search iTunes and Spotify for other Wesley Mission sermon content that is uploaded every week.

Wesley Impact! radio

Our weekly program, Wesley Impact! radio, captures the heart of Wesley Mission through a song, sermons and reflections on the Gospel hosted by the Rev Keith Garner.

Celebrating faith

A special series from the Reverend Keith Garner from Wesley Mission exploring the theme of ‘Celebrating Faith’. You do not need to listen in any order.

Seasion one (2019)

Episode 1: Beginning the journey
Episode 2: Chains advancing the gospel
Episode 3: Vital ingredients to a Holy Life
Episode 4: Finishing the course 

Season two (2020)

Episode 1: Beginning the journey
Episode 2: 
Chains advancing the Gospel
Episode 3: 
Serving without grumble
Episode 4: 
Finishing the course

Rev Keith V Garner sermons

Sunday sermons from the Reverend Keith Garner from Wesley Mission in Sydney, Australia.

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