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Thank you - You gave Bianca, Kaylie and Hunter a happy Christmas

Your generosity has helped people facing homelessness like Bianca* and her little twins, Kaylie and Hunter. Your care and compassion this Christmas meant we could find secure accommodation for people in dire need.

Bianca fled a violent relationship with nowhere to sleep that night, but she and her gorgeous children have a safe home now because of you.

When we asked Bianca if she had a message she’d like to share with you, her answer could be summed up in just two words.

“Thank you are the only words that come to my mind,” she said.

“At Christmas we could have a tree and Christmas lights. The kids had a backyard. They had toys.”

“As a person that has struggled a lot, my life has changed drastically since Wesley Mission helped me.”

“I have the stability of knowing that my kids are always going to have somewhere to lay their heads at night. I can provide them with the basics – food, shelter, clothes. Most people don’t realise how important those things are until they don’t have them.”

We’re living at a time when more people, even working families, can’t afford a place to live. House prices and rents are rising so fast everywhere1. There are precious few locations in NSW that are still affordable for those on a low income2.

Sadly, the stock of social housing is nowhere near enough to meet demand3. Increasingly, people are being forced into insecure accommodation like a friend’s couch or garage, a tent, caravan or car, if they have a roof over their heads at all.

But stories like Bianca’s are proof that your donations make a difference.

A gift from you now, can give vulnerable people meals, accommodation and other essential support to get back on their feet. To give, visit Thank you.

1 CoreLogic
2 SGS Economics & Planning, November 2021
3 “COVID-19: Rental Housing and Homelessness Impacts in Australia” report
2021, ACOSS and UNSW

*Names and images changed for privacy.

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