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    “You can help people and change their lives”

    Image of Rogar and wife

    Roger knows the power of leaving a gift in your Will better than anyone.

    He’s a Community Relations Officer at Wesley Mission. Every day he speaks to donors and supporters about the incredible impact of leaving a gift to Wesley Mission in their Wills. So when it came time for Roger and his wife Margaret to create their Will, there was no question. After taking care of their family, they would leave a gift to Wesley Mission.

    “I’m blessed to be able to see things from the inside. I can see how passionate our team is about the work they do,” says Roger.

    “I can see enough evidence to be satisfied that Wesley Mission will be good stewards of our gift.

    “When you give through your Will, you know you probably won’t ever meet the people who benefit from the gift, but that’s not the important thing. It’s the fact you can help people and change their lives.”

    The lives of those disadvantaged and marginalised can be transformed by everyday Australians leaving a gift to Wesley Mission in their Will. For over 200 years, these legacies have been helping us strengthen the vulnerable, comfort the lonely and give hope for a brighter future. To discuss how you can make a powerful impact for generations to come by leaving a gift in your will, call Steve Burfield on (02) 9263 5561.

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