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Summer 2018: Lives transformed

Wesley Impact! news

Read the latest issue of Wesley Impact! news to learn more about the people you have helped and how their lives have changed through your donations.














Paula, a sole parent, had struggled for years and when we first met her, she didn’t have much hope that she could ever get a job or make life better for her family.

But thanks to your generosity, Paula and her family’s lives were transformed forever. The first step for Paula was the opportunity Wesley Mission gave her to retrain as a carer. She’s now secured a job in aged care, which is changing her family’s future and is allowing her to be the good role model she always wanted to be for her children.

In this edition of Wesley Impact! news, you can also read about Melissa and her baby daughter Macy. Melissa’s family was torn apart by domestic violence, but thanks to the generosity of people like you, she’s regaining her confidence as a mum and rebuilding her family.

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