Winter 2018: Freedom from fear and judgement

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When she first began playing poker machines, Maree never believed she could be put behind bars.

After not gambling for 10 years Maree’s urges came upon her again, firing up old anxieties. Within a few months her gambling debts were out of control and she became so desperate that she stole money from her place of work. “I knew I would get caught. And then I did.”

Maree contacted Jodie Rollason, Principal Solicitor with Wesley Community Legal Service, who provided legal support. It was at Wesley Mission that counsellor, Martina Magnery, began the long process of working through Maree’s issues of addiction while financial counsellor, Robyn Venness, helped her develop budgeting and financial management skills.

“I have seen Maree’s sense of hope and confidence increase dramatically,” Martina said. “She has come out of this awful experience a better person and still shows great remorse for what she has done.” Maree has set a new course in life thanks to Martina, Robyn and Jodie, who she credits with saving her life.

Our clients come to us because they know they are not coping. They are looking for hope, tools and strategies they can use to create a better, more purposeful life.


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