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15 May 2016 Wesley Impact! TV

In this week's episode we take a glimpse at the huge workforce of volunteers that help Wesley Mission, speak to the television journalist, news anchor and radio host Leigh Hatcher, listen to the song Mercy Seat performed by Lucy Fisher, and continue our look at the Gospel of John.

Wesley Mission Volunteers

At Wesley Mission our enormous body of volunteers plays an essential role in our ability to serve those in need. In this episode we are privileged to take a look at the valuable contribution provided by so many of our volunteers across all aspects of our services.

Special Guest: Leigh Hatcher


This week we revisit an interview with one of Australia's most respected television journalists, news anchors, and radio hosts, Leigh Hatcher. He has stood the test of time in the challenging world of media and has never compromised his faith. In this interview he discusses his choice to enter the media industry and the unique way his life, faith and career have equipped him to serve others.

Guest Performer: Lucy Fisher

In this episode we are joined by Lucy Fisher who sings the beautiful song, Mercy Seat.

Keith's Message: The Holy Spirit Within Us

Today the Rev Dr Keith Garner reflects on the teaching of Jesus in John 14:8-17. John 14 has much to say to us about the distinctive call of Jesus Christ and His unique nature, but it also has a great deal to say to us about His gift of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. We learn that Jesus imparts the Holy Spirit to live within us, giving us guidance and strength in all that we do.