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A mother's journey

10 May 2015 Wesley Impact! TV

This Mother's Day on Wesley Impact! TV we meet mother and social worker Lois Thompson and the Rev Dr Keith Garner explores John.

Lois' story
On this Australian Mothers Day, mother and social worker Lois Thompson shares her story of faith through tragedy and trial. She relates how she and her husband came to the startling realisation that she had been the Lifeline counsellor who had helped him years before they were married when, in the midst of alcohol addiction, he considered taking his own life. Lois speaks about her experience of God's faithfulness and guidance after she lost her teenage son in a car accident, when her husband passed away, and also when she and her daughter were diagnosed with cancer. In these difficult times, Lois says the wonderful support of her church and God's love for her when she was brokenhearted carried her through grief and exhaustion, and she seeks now to encourage others with her story.

Wesley Mission story—Wesley Noreen Towers
Wesley Noreen Towers provides accommodation for families who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Mother of six, Aia, talks about the desperate circumstances that led her to becoming homeless before seeking the help of Wesley Mission. 

Keith's reflection
On this Mother's Day, the Rev Dr Keith Garner explores Jesus' teaching about love in John's Gospel. As we look at Jesus' command to love one another, we reflect on the proactive nature of this love, and the joy that is produced from it. In turn, we thank God for the special way mothers demonstrate and encourage the sacrificial love that Jesus has taught us to embrace, a love that leads to real joy.

Guest performers
Today we are joined by talented Australian singer/songwriter Tania G who brings an extensive vocal range and years of experience to her performance. We also hear from inspirational Australian singer, Robyn Green.