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Best of 2014: From drugs to devotion

8 February 2015 Wesley Impact! TV

This week on Wesley Impact! TV we meet former drug dealer Tony Hoang and the Rev Dr Keith Garner explores 2 Corinthians.

Tony's story
Tony Hoang's family immigrated from Vietnam to Australia when he was a child. Tony was one of ten children and although the move to Australia opened up opportunities for the family, life was a constant struggle. Tony turned to the streets to find love and acceptance and by the time he was thirteen he was placed in custody for dealing drugs. By sixteen he was making $10,000 a week in dealing drugs and was leading a wealthy yet destructive and dangerous life. At 21 Tony overdosed himself on heroine and he realised that if his life continued in this way he would be dead or in jail. Tony shares with the Rev Dr Keith Garner about his decision to make a change and turn to God. Today he is a pastor at Potters House Christian Centre in Liverpool, Sydney and dedicates his life to reaching people in his local community.

Wesley Mission story—Wesley Operation Hope
We take a look at Wesley Operation Hope and what it is doing to offer help and guidance to youth in need. Wesley Operation Hope is a sponsorship program designed to support children from 10 to 16 who have faced hard times. For Sinead, family breakdown led to years of bullying at school. We hear Sinead’s story and how Wesley Operation Hope offered her hope when she needed it most. Sinead has learnt to believe in herself again and gain the confidence she needs to develop a positive outlook on life.

Keith's reflection
The Rev Dr Keith Garner reflects on some words of encouragement from 2 Corinthians. These words are directed to Christians who are working out how to live out their Christian faith in unity. These words inspire us as we realise that all things are possible with God.

Guest performers
Today on the show we welcome Australian band, Sapphire. Sapphire are passionate about writing songs inspired by Jesus Christ that reach a generation. Through their music they inspire people to live a life more abundant and free. Sapphire have performed at Easterfest and toured Australia and the Pacific Islands. We also hear from Jordan Worner this week. Jordan is a young Australian singer/songwriter. He is passionate about leading people into God's presence through music, and has had opportunity to do so all over the world.