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Breaking the cycle

29 November 2015 Wesley Impact! TV

Wesley Mission is first and foremost a church in the heart of Sydney. We also serve the community through a number of social welfare programs. In this episode we hear how these programs helped Candice and her family, speak with David Ould who is involved with a new local initiative and reflect on the beginning of Advent.

Building stronger families

Special guest: David Ould – Break the Cycle

In this episode, the Rev Dr Keith Garner speaks with David Ould about work established by a local Church in Sydney’s south west and an initiative called ‘Break the Cycle’. Programs like this play a critical role in allowing Wesley Mission to connect with local communities across New South Wales.

Guest performer: Craig Gower – The Angel Gabriel

As we begin Advent, Craig Gower joins us to sing an appropriate song, The Angel Gabriel.

During this episode we hear from one of the many people we have helped. Candice’s mother lived her life struggling with her mental health. Determined to give her children the childhood she missed out on, Candice reached out to Wesley Mission for help when she began experiencing similar challenges.

Keith’s message: Beginning Advent

Advent is the beginning of the Christian year. While a joyous time, it holds many dangers for Christians; a rush towards Christmas, a focus upon the odd sides of some Christian beliefs and too often, it’s limited to children’s celebration. In this message we turn to the words from the prophet Jeremiah to encourage us all during Advent. Together we learn more about the core of Advent, the Person of Jesus Christ.