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Building resilience in young people

2 August 2015 Wesley Impact! TV

This week on Wesley Impact! TV Wesley Vision Valley Manager Jessica Warner shares how young lives are transformed through outdoor recreation and the Rev Keith Garner explores the Gospel of Matthew.

Wesley Operation Hope—helping young people build strength

We take a look at Wesley Operation Hope and what it is doing to offer help and guidance to youth in need. Wesley Operation Hope is a sponsorship program designed to support children from 10 to 16 who have faced hard times. For Sinead, family breakdown led to years of bullying at school. We hear Sinead’s story and how Wesley Operation Hope offered her hope when she needed it most. Sinead has learnt to believe in herself again and gain the confidence she needs to develop a positive outlook on life.

Jessica Warner on helping young people build trust and strength through outdoor recreation.

Manager of Wesley Vision Valley Jessica Warner shares how she began her career in outdoor education in the United States, and during her seven years there, she not only met her husband, she also renewed her Christian commitment. In the beautiful environment of Wesley Vision Valley, Jessica's Christian faith inspires her as she oversees programs which transform the lives of young people. Through overcoming challenges in the outdoors, young people are able to build confidence, trust and resilience.

Guest performer

Today we are joined by Liz Scott, whose remarkable gift for music is well beyond her young years, combining musical talent with poetic lyrics. 

Keith's reflection

In today's passage from the Sermon on the Mount, the Rev Keith Garner explores the choice we are given by Jesus of a narrow or broad way. This choice determines how our lives are led and the extent to which we find fulfilment and purpose. Sometimes this decision is between the easy way and that which is difficult and challenging. We may have many of these choices to make each day. This could mean choosing to trust people as we work alongside them, standing up for Jesus, or going to difficult places to work with the marginalised. As we choose the narrow path Jesus describes, we are able to see things in the light of eternity.