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Coming alongside others

17 April 2016 Wesley Impact! TV

In this week’s episode we are reminded of our purpose to come alongside others as equals and reach out a helping hand. In this show we will finish our short series on homelessness by listening to Lellah’s story, talk to former chaplain Don Walker, listen to an original song by The BordererS, and continue looking at the Gospel of John by considering Jesus’ actions.

Special Guest: Don Walker

Don Walker is a recently retired chaplain who has been working with Wesley Mission for the past 15 years. Over that time he has served the community with a passion for the lost, broken and homeless. Today he gives an uplifting account of the powerful ways that God used him and Wesley Mission to help those in need, and leaves us with a renewed sense of personal calling to reach out to others.

Guest Performer: The BordererS

This week we are blessed to hear the original song In You Our Faith Is Revived by The BordererS.

Keith’s Message: Jesus’ Purpose

Like many people today, Jesus found himself questioned about His purpose. In this episode the Rev Dr Keith Garner looks at John 10: 27-29 and discusses how it was at that moment that many people came to believe in Jesus, not only based on His words, but also His actions. Like Jesus, we are encouraged to notice those who are marginalized and make a real difference through practical action.