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Creating positive relationships in families

1 November 2015 Wesley Impact! TV

Today on Wesley Impact! TV we look at the positive impact of Wesley Mission’s Play in the Park program, we speak to Ivan Herald who works as a marriage and family counsellor, and we look at Mary the mother of Jesus.

Play in the Park

This week we take a look at the Wesley Mission initiative Play in the Park, which gives opportunities for parents with young children to get out and connect with each other in community parks. We hear from parents, like Leslie Barbin and Jenny McCardell, who participate in the program. They discuss how Play in the Park allows parents and children to relax in a peaceful setting, play with each other, and feel a sense of community and support on a weekly basis.

Ivan Herald interview

The Rev Dr Keith Garner speaks with Ivan Herald, a marriage and family counsellor who has had over 100,000 couples and families pass through his programs. Over the course of the interview we hear about the unique pressures families and couples face, and we are left with a powerful reminder that it is often the little things which can help make the biggest difference in restoring and maintaining positive relationships.

Guest performer: LaDean and Cassie

We are once again very blessed to listen to the beautiful music of LaDean and Cassie, who are singing the gospel adaptation of The Apostle’s Creed.  

Keith’s reflection on the life of Mary

Mary of Nazareth, the mother of Jesus, is the focus of the Rev Dr Keith Garner’s reflection this week. Our reading today comes from Luke 1:46-49, where we find her words of praise and sense of privilege in God’s calling for her life. We see in Mary a woman who had great joy in God. Her humble acceptance of God’s will is the powerful beginning of His story of salvation. As we consider her life we are reminded of how important it is to be willing and available to be used by God.