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Does God’s calling ever expire?

7 August 2016 Wesley Impact! TV

This week, Rev Keith Garner speaks to one of Australia’s longest standing gospel singers, Robyn Green, about her music career, which has spanned more 30 years.

We also continue our look at how Wesley Mission’s child and family programs have adapted to suit the communities they serve; this week, focusing on Wesley Family’s Woodcroft playgroup in north western Sydney.

Special guest: Robyn Green

Robyn Green has been touring Australia for the past 30 years, following her calling and sharing the gospel to people in remote outback towns, busy cities, and to anyone who would listen.

Robyn discusses the challenges of a career in music and the motivating power of her commitment to honour God through her music.

Guest performer: Robyn Green

Robyn sings an original song, ‘Whispers of Love’, from one of her recent albums.

Keith’s message: Material riches

This week, Rev Keith Garner reads Luke 12:32—34.

Mr Garner discusses the topic of possessions and the interesting link Jesus makes between our treasures and our heart, reminding us that we should put our confidence and trust in God, rather than build up material riches.