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Faith reflected in the arts

30 May 2016 Wesley Impact! TV

This week we launch the first of two episodes looking at creativity and the arts. We begin with a short overview of the scope of Wesley Mission’s work, have a conversation with the talented opera singer Sarah Toth, listen to her perform an outstanding piece from Handel’s Messiah, and consider the Gospel of Luke and the faith of a centurion.

Special Guest: Sarah Toth

Today we speak with Sarah Toth, an international Opera singer who has just returned to Australia after spending four months performing at the Music Theatre Bavaria in Germany. In this interview she discusses her life, career and the influence of her faith. She encourages everyone to find the thing they love, uncover their natural talents, and use them to serve God by enriching the lives of others.

Guest Performer: Sarah Toth

We are blessed this week not only to speak to Sarah Toth, but also to listen to her singing I Know That My Redeemer Liveth, from Handel’s Messiah.

Keith’s Message: The Faith of a Centurion

The Rev Dr Keith Garner begins this week the first of two talks from Luke 7 by reading Luke 7:1-10.  Luke’s Gospel often focuses upon the ministry of Jesus to those beyond the Jewish community and today it is about the faith of a Roman centurion and his humble concern for his servant. In this passage we are reminded of the value of humility, Jesus’ ability to break down barriers, and the power of faith.