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Foster care changing lives

27 September 2015 Wesley Impact! TV

In this episode we look at the Wesley Aunties & Uncles program, we speak to former Wesley Dalmar client Emily Hendry, and the Rev Dr Keith Garner looks at the grace-filled life of Barnabas.

Wesley Aunties & Uncles program

The Wesley Aunties & Uncles program is based on the model of an extended family, where mentors provide children with care and guidance in a stable family environment. In this episode we hear from Taylor Schulz, a young woman who started at the age of four as a Wesley Aunties & Uncles client. We also hear from Taylor’s “aunty and uncle”, Robert and Maryanne Ayers, who speak about the joy they had in getting to know Taylor and her sister. Together they have helped to provide a wider family network for Taylor and her family, supporting, encouraging and loving her as she walks through life.

Growing up in foster care

This week the Rev Dr Keith Garner finishes the final part of our three part look at foster care by speaking to Emily Hendry, who grew up in the Wesley Dalmar program. Brought into foster care at the age of seven, she recounts her experiences in the program. In this interview she speaks about the power of having a safe, loving, family home to grow up in. She shares a story of hope and encouragement, both for those who are thinking of fostering children and for young people who find themselves in difficult situations.

Guest performer

Our guest performers this week are the incredibly talented LaDean and Cassie, formerly from Endless Praise, who sing for us the beautiful song, The Savior is Waiting.

Keith’s reflection on the life of Barnabas

The Rev Dr Keith Garner reflects that Barnabas has the unique description of being a, “good man.” We read in Acts 4:32-36 and Acts 11:22-24 that Barnabas’ name means, “Son of Encouragement,” and in his life he did much to encourage other believers. We find in him a man who is generous, perceptive, selfless and humble. While he wasn’t perfect, his life was full of the grace and goodness of God. Through him we can learn to be positive encouragers, available and willing to serve in order to be life affirming for others around us.