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Hip-hop Christianity

10 March 2017 Wesley Impact! TV

In this episode of Wesley Impact! TV, Australian hip-hop champion, Matthew ‘Mistery’ Peet talks about his international ministry, Krosswerdz. Craig Gower performs Lion and The Lamb and Rev Keith Garner explains what it means to be spiritually born again.

Special guest: Matthew 'Mistery' Peet

Graffiti artist and rapper, Matthew ‘Mistery’ Peet discusses how he founded the international hip-hop ministry Krosswerdz—an organisation that offers Christians a way to express their faith through hip hop culture. 

Guest performer: Craig Gower

Our very own Craig Gower sings a roaring version of the Lion and the Lamb.

Keith's message: Spiritual rebirth

Reading from Bible passage, John 3:1-8, Rev Keith Garner shares the story of Nicodemus. After hearing about Jesus' ability to perform miracles, Nicodemus visited Jesus to discover his true identity—whether he was the son of God. This encounter changed Nicodemus' life forever as he learned what it means to be spiritually born again.