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Introducing 'Around Wesley Mission'

2 July 2017 Wesley Impact! TV

We have launched a new Wesley Impact! TV series called Around Wesley Mission, which spotlights many of Wesley Mission's community services. In the first episode of a 13-part series, Rev Keith Garner chats with Jessica Warner about her role as operations manager for Wesley Conference Centre, our large city conference centre and recreation facilities.

Deb Ezzy-Walton and the Wesley Impact! Band perform I Choose Jesus and Rev Keith Garner shares about a great Christian leader from the Bible, Simon Peter.

Interview: Jessica Warner

Rev Keith Garner interviews Jessica Warner, a regular Wesley Impact! TV guest and Operations Manager for Wesley Mission's conference and recreation services, about the services they have on offer.

Guest performer: Deb Ezzy-Walton

Keith's message: Simon Peter's legacy

Rev Keith Garner introduces a new message series which will feature inspiring Christian leaders from the Bible. Reading from Luke 22: 56-62, Keith tells the story of the apostle, Simon Peter. He explains how the Simon Peter's denial Jesus Christ, shaped his future for the better. Simon Peter's failure led him to become a one of history's influential Christian leaders.