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Living life to the full with a disability

26 October 2015 Wesley Impact! TV

In this episode of Wesley Impact! TV we hear from Virginia Samuela who found herself with a whole new life after having two strokes, we speak with law professor and academic Ron McCullum, and we look at the life of Lazarus.

Living with a disability

This week we meet Virginia Samuela, who came to Wesley Mission with a disability after having two strokes. Instead of focusing on what she couldn’t do, she focused on what she could achieve. Finding herself suddenly needing to use a wheelchair, Virginia came to Wesley Disability Services to get the moral and practical support she needed to adjust to her new life.  Hers is a wonderful story of overcoming obstacles, finding love, and focusing on one’s abilities, passions and dreams.

Professor Ron McCullum

Our guest this week is Professor Ron McCullum, who lectures on law at Sydney University. Professor McCullum became blind after being born prematurely, yet he never let his limitations stop him from living his life to the fullest. Passionately interested in labour law, with a sense of a purpose in teaching and with a Christian faith as the foundation of his life, Professor McCullum overcame every obstacle he faced. In this encouraging interview he speaks of the challenges of disability, but leaves us with the advice to, “Grab life with both hands and live it.”

Guest performer

This week’s guest performer is Erica Crocker singing the wonderful song, My Worth is not in What I Own.

Keith’s reflection on the life of Lazarus

In this episode the Rev Dr Keith Garner continues our look at characters in the New Testament by examining the life of Lazarus. In John 11:43-44 we read about the sickness and death of Lazarus, as well as his resurrection by Jesus. Lazarus’ return to life points to something profound, the deeper sense of God’s presence in life despite the many types of emotional tombs we may face. In every sense Jesus reaches out, touches and heals. The account of Lazarus reminds us that in Jesus we too can find the fullness of life.