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Living with cancer

17 August 2014 Wesley Impact! TV

This week on Wesley Impact! TV we hear David McDonald's story and the Rev Dr Keith Garner explores Matthew 16. 

David's story
According to the World Health Organisation, cancer is one of the leading causes of death in Australia and the very word strikes fear into the mind of even the healthiest person. David McDonald is a Canberra based church planter, pastor and sports chaplain who was diagnosed with incurable lung cancer in 2011. The diagnosis came right out of the blue for David and his family and changed their lives from then on. As he journeyed through treatment David began to consider what it meant to be diagnosed with a terminal illness and where God was in it all. David has written an account of his deep personal pain in his book, Hope Beyond Cure.

Wesley Mission storyWesley Respite Services
Today we look at Part 2 of Peter and Vicki's story and the support they receive from Wesley Carer Services. After being left to care for her husband Peter, after he suffered a stroke, it didn't take Vicki long to realise that she was becoming very run down and needed help. Vicki feels confident in the care she gets from Wesley Carer Services. She knows that Peter will be looked after and that he will be happy in her absence.

Keith's reflection
The Rev Dr Keith Garner reflects on Jesus Christ's very poignant question posed to the disciples, Who do you say that I am? We look at the way there must have been a host of answers to that question in Jesus Christ's time and how it is a relevant question for us to consider today.

Guest performers
Today we welcome Greg Cooper to the Wesley Impact! TV stage. Greg is the Music Director at Christ Church St Ives in Sydney and also performs with worship band Garage Hymnal. We are also joined by talented performer Steve McPherson. Steve is the CEO of Hillsong Music Publishing in Sydney, Australia and has extensive experience as a performer, producer, songwriter and publisher.