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Loving people with disabilities

25 April 2016 Wesley Impact! TV

At Wesley Mission we seek to bring together different aspects of our work to enrich the lives of those we strive to serve. Today we consider those with disabilities by hearing about the work of Wesley Disability Services, speak to Jodie Hopkins and Michelle Rogers, hear a beautiful song from Ida Maree, and are reminded of the importance of love in John 13.

Virginia's Story: Moving at her own pace

This week we take a look at Wesley Disability Services and their impact on Virginia Samuela’s life. After suffering a stroke and finding herself in a wheelchair, Virginia was faced with the prospect of life in a nursing home. Wesley Disability Services helped her to stay independent, providing practical and moral support in order to help her adjust and thrive in her new life.

Special Guests: Jodie Hopkins and Michelle Rogers

Continuing in the theme of disability services, we hear from two of our key managers who have joined together to innovatively enrich two sectors of Wesley Mission. Jodie Hopkins is from Frank Vickery Village, a retirement village, and Michelle Rogers works with Wesley Lifeskills in Woolooware, helping those with disabilities. Coming together once a month, people with disabilities and those living in the retirement village are able to share friendship, life experiences, and work on projects. This interview provides insight into the value of thinking outside the box to improve the lives of those we seek to serve.

Guest Performer: Ida Maree

In this episode Ida Maree sings the marvellous song, You Are.

Keith's Message: The Incentive of Love

In this message, the Rev Dr Keith Garner examines a passage from John 13: 31-35. Jesus, aware that His ministry was drawing to a close, gave His disciples a reminder of the incentive of love. He makes the point that the sign of a true disciple is one who shares the love of God with others. We are reminded that the command to love instructs Christians in this and every age to know what it is to follow Jesus, it is the mark of our mission to the world.