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Music and faith

14 June 2015 Wesley Impact! TV

This week on Wesley Impact! TV we talk to our Music Director Craig Gower and the Rev Dr Keith Garner explores Psalm 150.

Wesley Mission's services
Each year, Wesley Mission assists over 19,000 individuals and families through 130 community services. Today we view a snapshot of Wesley Mission's diverse services, which feature Wesley Congregational Life and 11 specialist service areas assisting families, young people, senior citizens, people with disability and mental health challenges, and their carers. Wesley Mission also provides a range of counselling services and training and conference services. Each of these services has a holistic approach designed to create long-term solutions.

Craig Gower on Christian worship music
Craig Gower's musical talent and passion came to life when he was 14 and reluctantly did a music elective at school. This was the unexpected beginning of a career as a singer in the music industry. Another journey which started soon after was that of Christian faith, and the two combined when Craig started to go to church and connected with the worship music he heard there. Craig is now a worship leader, producer, lecturer, trainer and typesetter of music, and the music director of the Wesley Impact! TV band. He talks about the way music engages the human heart and the unique way in which relationship with Jesus is able to be expressed in song. As a worship leader, his desire is for congregations to truly connect with the songs they sing. He shares his experience creating and perfecting his arrangement of the well-known Augustus Toplady hymn, Rock of Ages.

Guest performer
We are privileged to hear from our Music Director, Craig Gower on the show today. Craig is an inspirational and seasoned performer who brings his creativity and artistic talent to Wesley Impact! TV each week. This week, we hear his newly released arrangement of the well-known hymn, Rock of Ages.

Keith's reflection
As the Rev Dr Keith Garner begins a series on the Psalms, he explores the range of human experiences and the deep humanity to be found in this special book of the Bible. Here we find challenges, complaints, struggles, outbursts, vindication and joy as the human experience is expressed. While the Psalms capture almost every mood of the human spirit, we learn that each Psalm points to God's greatness, and calls us to respond to what God has done. As the Psalms open our hearts to what God wants to teach us, our relationship with Him is built upon and our lives are changed.