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The broad reach of faith

19 October 2015 Wesley Impact! TV

This week on Wesley Impact! TV we examine the breadth of services Wesley Mission has to offer, we talk to the actress Gennie Nevinson, and we hear about the life of Saint Paul.

The scope of Wesley Mission

This week we take a peek at the broad scope of Wesley Mission, looking at its beginnings in Wesley Congregational Life and how it has now expanded to serve in 11 other major specialist services. These include those that aid families, children, those with disabilities, the homeless and many more. In all these services we find an innate motivation to meet the changing and growing needs of the community.

Gennie Nevinson

With a career that spans more than 50 years across all forms of entertainment, we are privileged to have actress, Gennie Nevinson, as our guest today. She talks to the Rev Dr Keith Garner about her life and experiences in film and television, giving a fascinating insight into the struggles and pressures of the entertainment world and describing her own transition to faith.

Guest performer

Our guest performer this week, Gennie Nevinson, showcases her storytelling skills with the tale Along the Path, which beautifully illustrates the deep truth that in God’s economy, nothing goes to waste. In this tale we hear how even our greatest flaws can be used for good.

Keith’s reflection on the life of Paul

This week we continue our study of New Testament characters with a look at the world-changing life of Saint Paul. The Rev Dr Keith Garner reads today from the book of Acts, where we find the key to the transformation of Paul lies in a powerful encounter with Jesus Christ. In his life Paul changes from a man who sought to kill Christians to a missionary speaking the truth of Jesus Christ to anyone who would listen. We find in Paul an extraordinary story that speaks to the heart of every conversion experience. Like Paul we need to be a people who stand up for the things we believe in, being true to what we know is right.