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Police Memorial Day

29 September 2013 Wesley Impact! TV

This week on Wesley Impact! TV we meet former Chief Inspector, Gary Raymond, and the Rev Dr Keith Garner looks at Joshua. 

Gary's story
In light of Police Memorial Day in Australia, retired Chief Inspector Gary Raymond speaks to us about his biography Top Cop. In his work on the front line Gary witnessed the human condition at its ugliest and most harrowing: death, murder, suicide and petty crime. Gary shares about his tough childhood and fears for his own safety (through his own father’s alcohol abuse) and the turnaround that came through finding Christ. He now works as a chaplain and supports officers through Trauma Support Groups and Christian Police Fellowship.

Wesley Mission story—Wesley Counselling Services
Drug and alcohol addiction can sometimes be the result of many years of hiding from the pains of the past. Peter’s journey to recovery is one of many taking place with the support of a remarkable Wesley Mission service.

Keith's reflection
The Rev Dr Keith Garner leads this week’s sermon with a reading from the book of Joshua taking a closer look at lesser known Bible characters. 

Guest performers
We welcome Sharny Russell and Sancha Prowse to the show this week. Sharney is an acclaimed Australian jazz pianist, vocalist, composer, music educator, ABC recording artist and APRA Award winner. Sancha is a vocal instructor and singer who has delighted Christian and secular audiences in Australia and overseas.