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27 October 2013 Wesley Impact! TV

This week on Wesley Impact! TV we hear Mal Austin and Matthew Jacoby's story and the Rev Dr Keith Garner explores Habakkuk. 

Mal and Matthew’s story
Professional photographer Mal Austin and Sons of Korah founder Matthew Jacoby have collaborated to create Psalmscapes, a devotional walk through God’s creation through images and words. Mal Austin has spent his entire working life looking through a camera lens. After 18 years of portraits and corporate photography it’s now landscapes that have captured his heart. The book, Psalmscapes, incorporates breathtaking images of Australia and New Zealand with inspirational quotes. Mal shares that while high end landscapes can pose risks and great sacrifice, he’s captivated by how God’s beauty and Scripture can combine to bring peace, joy and comfort to those who come into contact with his work. 

Wesley Mission story—Wesley Operation Hope
Wesley Vision Valley is a special place on the outskirts of Sydney that offers time out and the chance to breath in the fresh air in God’s creation. At Wesley Vision Valley there is an aptly named program, Operation Hope. Over the past 15 years, Wesley Mission has seen thousands of lives turned around through this program that supports disadvantaged children. For many of these children it is the difference between continuing on a destructive, hopeless path and overcoming the odds to live a full and positive life. 

Keith's reflection
The Rev Dr Keith Garner leads this week’s sermon on Habakkuk in the first of a six week series looking at the prophets of the Old Testament. 

Guest performers
This week we welcome Australian band Sons of Korah, who are devoted to giving a fresh voice to the biblical psalms. With their unique acoustic, multi-ethnic sound, Sons of Korah have given this biblical songbook a dynamic and emotive new musical expression. We also hear from talented Australian singer/songwriter, Tania G, who brings an extensive vocal range and years of experience to the stage.